Center for Public Resources Development

Our goal is to develop public resources through partnerships and collaborations,
with the aim of strengthening the non-profit sector,
and establishing new social systems.

Think Tank & Consulting Firm

What Is Our Mission?

Our mission is to develop public resources that are required for the promotion of non-profit activities and to build necessary systems that will encourage such development. We will construct new social systems through the development of public resources, together with citizens and grassroots NPOs who share the same goals with us.

What Kind of Society Are We Aiming At?

Our aim is to realize a "civil society" that will enable people to express themselves without restraint, to cooperate with one another, to appeal to society vigorously, and to improve society. NPOs are expected to serve as a vehicle for realizing these "hopes" from individuals and to take up a leadership role in this new society. Indispensable to this is the enhancement of the capacitation of the nonprofit sector through the development of "public resources," namely management resources such as human resources, funds, and information that are necessary for promoting non-profit activities.

What Are Public Resources?

Public resources consist of a broader new concept that is based on the English term "community resources." Public resources are managerial resources to be used by NPOs to fulfill their missions. Public resources are produced by the citizen's voluntary will of commitment. They are distributed through the sharing of values and visions among people and NPOs.

Our Approach

The development of public resources is an experiment of establishing new mechanisms, as various sectors work in cooperation with each other in an attempt to construct new social systems using the following approaches:
1. Foster the people's will and commitment to make society a better place.
2. Develop channels and systems to circulate resources such as manpower, objects, money, and information, so that they may flow more smoothly towards non-profit activities.
3. Build up organizational capacities to use public resources effectively.

Our Activity Guidelines

1. Place priority on building visions and practical theories which help non-profit organizations establish a new society.
The field of NPO activities, the reality of our lives, is the source of our creativity. By gathering information that emerge from the reality of voluntary activities and from our daily lives, we will establish practical theories and strategic projects with NPOs and people.
2. Place priority on strategic entrepreneurial projects.
Specifically, our activities will center around the launching of new businesses and innovative systems. We will help to coordinate cooperation, not only with NPOs, but with companies and the government sector, which cross the boundaries between different sectors.
3. Place priority on specialized support.
For the purpose of enhancing the development of public resources and the utilization abilities of NPOs, we will provide specialized support backed by theories of non-profit management.
4. Place priority on flexible, creative, project-focused structures.
Through our domestic and overseas human networks, we aim to establish the very best project team in terms of specialty, region, and practicality in order to enhance project feasibility and increase its social impact.

Project areas for the development of public resources

With a specialized domestic and foreign human resource networks, we will promote public resource development projects in six different fields in order to contribute towards the realization of a new civil society.

1. Studies and research on non-profit activities
*Comprehensive studies concerning strategies that can help to promote the development of public resources in the civil society
*Establishing collaborations among non-profit sectors in Japan, the U.S., Europe, and Asia

2. Financial Foundation Development of NPOs
*Supporting and consulting to establish Community Fund for NPOs
*Development of non-profit fund resources in cooperation with businesses
*Running of E-charity

3. Establishing the flow of funds supporting civil society
*Planning of Socially Responsible Investment Funds
*Social screening of more than 3600 Japanese corporations

4. Non-profit management consultation
*"Sponsored Consultation Project" for the spread of technical assistance
*Customized consultation

5. Training Programs
*Training of NPO managers via mentor system, etc.
*Comprehensive training for businesses and governments for partnership with NPOs

6. Information exchange and development of policy proposals
*Holding "Public Resource Forums"
*Information exchange between domestic and overseas non-profit sectors
*Online workshops
*Advocacy for NPO laws and tax reforms

Board of Directors

Tsuyoshi Kusumi, Chair
Makoto Imada, Chief Executive Director
Sachiko Kishimoto, Executive Director

Masayuki Okazaki, Auditor
  Professor, Faculty of Social Policy and Administration, Hosei University
  Chair, Japan Association of Local Government Policy Studeis
Hideko Katsumata, Auditor
  Executive Secretary, Japan Center for International Exchange, Inc.

Takeshi Akiba
  Assistant Professor, College of Social Sciences, Ritsumeikan University
Naosumi Atoda
  Professor, Vice-President, College of Management and Economics, Kaetsu University
Takayoshi Amenomori
  Associate Professor, Department of Management Development, Faculty of Economics, Nihon Fukushi University
Takashi Ebashi
  Professor, Faculty of Law, Hosei University. Representative, Peace Forum.
Shoji Sano
  Representative, The Regional Research & Planning Office, Representative, Citizen Works.
Hideyuki Takano
  Senior Manager, So-Tech Consulting Inc.
Hisakazu Dohi
  Secretary General, The Japan Association of Charitable Organizations, Inc.
Yoichi Nakamura
  Professor, Graduate School of Social Design studies, Rikkyo University
Yasuo Harima
  Chair, Tanpopo no Ie, Inc., Representative, The Japan Society for Studies of Voluntary Activities.
Hisae Maki
  Secretary General, Japan Networkers' Conference(JNC)
Tomikazu Yamazaki
  Director, Setagaya Volunteer Association
Hideyuki Yuze
  Deputy Director, The Japan Foundation Center, Inc.